People that stay together, save together!


I know it sounds like a strap line but its true! Holidaying in groups can save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Let me explain...


Our 2 properties are perfectly set up for groups or large families becasue they have seperate parts to them and it has been working perfectly for them for years now. That is our nieche. You can rent both properties and get a private pool and large gardens all to yourself whilst still enjoying massive savings and your own sense of space. 


We can sleep upto 12 (10 recommended so there is not someone just stuck on a sofa bed whilst eveyone is in a bedroom) That means that from Late May across June and September you could be staying for approx £120 per person per week!! How cheap is that! Even in high season you are only talking £220 per person per week. If you take into account travelling there and back on the ferry and the fuel you put into your car, across the season we have worked out that the average cost of your holiday (minus your food, drink and excursions) will be only £230 per person per week. Who wouldnt have that?